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Banzai Software is recruiting testers who would like to participate in the adventure of video game development.

The information requested in this form is only intended for the organization of the test sessions, please fill out this form carefully to have a chance to participate.

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Occasional and regular players are required for testing.
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(Zelda, Journey, Okami)
(Street of Rage, Castle Crashers)
(Candy Crush, Angry birds)
(Hearthstone, Magic, Slay the Spire)
(Doom, Borderlands, Call of Duty)
(Sim City, Stardew Valley, Theme Park)
(Metroid, Hollow Knight, Ori)
(Mario Party, Overcooked)
(Mario, Super Meat Boy)
(Monkey Island, Deponia, Machinarium)
(Portal, Braid, Layton)
(Darkest Dungeon, The Binding of Isaac, FTL)
(Final Fantasy, The Witcher, Skyrim)
(Age of Empire, Starcraft, Warcraft)
(Shining Force, Fire Emblem, Into the Breach)
(Claytus, Kingdom Rush, Plants vs Zombies)
Several possible choices, 5 maximum.